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At Gem Auctions, we understand the importance of convenience and efficiency in the diamond sourcing process. That's why we offer a seamless online appointment booking system for all our rough diamond tenders.

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Gem Auctions

Gem Auctions, established in 2021, is a premier rough diamond Tender/Auctions house,

Meticulously connecting the natural beauty of rough diamonds with discerning buyers worldwide. We are a team of passionate gem enthusiasts, with a combined experience of many years in the diamond industry. Our expertise spans the entire rough diamond journey, from sourcing exceptional stones directly from reputable mines to facilitating secure and transparent tender processes.

Here's How It works

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Browse Upcoming Tenders

Explore our upcoming tenders on our website, featuring a detailed overview of each event, including the selection of diamonds available, starting bids and closing dates.

Schedule Your Appointment

Select the specific tender you'd like to attend and choose a convenient time slot through our user-friendly online booking system.

Confirmation And Preparation

Upon booking, you'll receive a confirmation email with all the details of your appointment. We recommend reviewing the tender information and preparing any necessary documents or questions you may have.

Participating In A Tender with Gem Auctions

Registering For The Tender

To participate, you need to register with Gem Auctions Web Portal or Mobile Application. This involves providing basic company information and undergoing verification procedures to ensure responsible business practices.

Viewing The Tender Catalogue / Goods Lists

Once registered, you will receive access to our secure online tender catalogue/Goods List. This catalogue provides detailed information on each diamond offered, including. Size and weight, Origin, Kimberley Process Certification (KPC) confirmation (ensuring conflict-free diamonds).

Understanding The Bidding Process

Bids are submitted electronically through our secure platform within the designated bidding window.

Tender Results

After the bidding window closes, we will review all bids and notify the successful bidder for each diamond.
We ensure a transparent and fair process, awarding diamonds to the highest bid that meets our reserve price.

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